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At Innovative Physical Therapy, patients complete every aspect of their treatment with a doctor of physical therapy, receiving one-on-one care. This differs from traditional facilities where a physical therapist evaluates patients and performs periodic reassessments, with the treatment plan being carried out by a physical therapy assistant or technician.

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Our Specialties

Injury Treatment ~ Pelvic Floor Dysfunction ~ Biomechanics ~ Nutritional and Weight Loss Counseling ~ Sport Conditioning ~ Therapeutic Massage

Dr. Lauren Crigler, DPT



Dr. Crigler is an experienced physical therapist expanding the boundaries of traditional physical therapy to include nutritional and weight loss counseling and total body wellness. Her areas of expertise include:


  • Treating and preventing injuries
  • Eliminating pelvic pain and dysfunction
  • Correcting biomechanics of exercise movements
  • Encouraging healthy active lifestyles
  • Promoting a healthy diet with an emphasis on plants
  • Providing weight loss counseling
  • Improving balance and fall prevention
  • Promoting positive body images at every level of fitness
  • Conditioning for a sport
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Transforming lives and enjoying the process!

What does Dr. Lauren Crigler, DPT have to offer?

  • In the fitness industry, personal trainers motivate clients to get stronger and leaner through diet and exercise.  In the medical field, physical therapists are considered the experts on the musculoskeletal system, the biomechanics of exercise and movement.
  • Dr. Lauren Crigler has years of experience in both of these professions.  As a personal trainer, she really enjoyed motivating people to get stronger and leaner, but found that personal training was often limited due to the chronic pain and physical limitations of many of her clients. In order to help those clients, she became a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2008, putting her in the unique position to treat injuries, pain and dysfunction while also having a background as a personal trainer.
  • Dr. Lauren Crigler offers physical therapy, nutritional counseling and total body wellness coaching.  She is dedicated to helping clients decrease pain, reduce injury, improve strength, endurance and balance, lose weight, and ultimately  meet their physical therapy and fitness goals.  She is compassionate and really listens to the needs of her patients.