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Professional Bio:

Dr. Lauren Crigler teaches clients the secrets to overcoming pelvic pain and especially pain with sex.  As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, she’s treated far too many people who’ve spent years with pain.  Some were slowly disconnecting from themselves and their partners before finally seeking treatment. Ending the silence and lack of awareness about pelvic pain and pain with sex is ongoing mission!

Dr. Crigler has personally overcome pelvic pain and dysfunction too. She knows how awful it feels to have pain prevent you from being you.  And as a wife and mother of two active boys, she knows that life does not slow down just because you don’t feel good.

But… she used her knowledge to heal herself.  She went on to compete in triathlons, 5Ks and ultra-marathons.  She lives life to the fullest and she wants to help YOU do the same!

She owns a private physical therapy practice outside of Atlanta.  She passionately shares her professional knowledge and motivation skills with her clients.

In 2019, she launched a podcast so that she could have a broader impact on people who are looking to improve their health and need a way to confidently get started.  The episodes are the answers to many of the questions she’s been answering from clients for over a decade.  It’s also a convenient way to let clients listen to the messages that they need to hear again at home or share with family and friends.  She hopes the Plan to Feel Great Podcast will help people make healthy changes through education, inspiration and an action plan.

As a public speaker, Dr. Lauren Crigler is laser focused on pain with sex and women’s pelvic health.  She is driven to help YOU and your organization!

She is available for events throughout the U.S. and Canada.  For more information about dates, availability, and topics please contact us.

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Love Yourself Healthy Promo

Love Yourself Healthy

Do you prioritize work, family, and social commitments over your own health?  Do you work hard on some aspects of your health while ignoring others?  Do you push yourself to lose weight with the internal dialogue of a drill sergeant or a bully?  Are you paying careful attention to your self-talk?  All of this is connected to your pelvic health!

After years of helping clients have pain-free sex and improved pelvic health, Dr. Lauren is shouting from the mountain tops: every decision you make will be a better one when it comes from a place of love. “You have to love yourself healthy!” Using examples from her professional experiences and drawing from literature on the topic, Dr. Crigler inspires and educates listeners to take essential steps toward optimal health coming from a place of self-love.

This topic works well for general audiences, as well as groups of health professionals looking to inspire clients.

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