What happens at an evaluation?  Great question. Your evaluation is customized to fit YOU!

Evaluations take 60 minutes and cover some of these sections when appropriate.  We only do the sections that apply to YOU. 

Don’t like a certain exercise or test?  No problem!  Just let us know.


  • Functional assessment
  • Medical history, injuries, pain
  • Diet, exercise, lifestyle
  • Sleep patterns
  • Wellness goals (ex: lose unwanted body fat, sleep through the night, lower anxiety)
  • Physical therapy goals (what you want to DO better, ex. walk uphill without pain)
  • Medical goals (ex: get off medications, lower: resting heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar)


  • Physical exam (ex. strength, range of motion, sensation, palpation, balance)
  • Pelvic Exam (for pelvic diagnoses only – ex. internal testing of strength, endurance, muscle tightness, trigger points, scar tissue, and ability to control muscles).
  • Biometric measurements (ex. heart rate, blood pressure, height, weight, body fat)
  • Strength tests (ex. core strength, push ups, wall squats)
  • Endurance tests (ex. 1 mile walk/run test, 10 minute stationary bike test)
  • Balance tests


  • Give physical therapy/medical diagnosis if applicable
  • Identify the underlying problem (functional limitations and related causes)
  • How can you be unstoppable? (identify barriers to success and find solutions)


  • Discuss treatment options
  • Set short term and long term goals
  • Set up a home exercise program


Follow Up Visits

Follow up visits take 30-60 minutes and cover the sections below that apply to YOU. 

This is YOUR visit.  We’ll be doing exactly what you need.

  • Physical Therapy: therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular re-education, therapeutic activities, manual therapy and self-care home management techniques.
  • Individualized workouts: to build muscle, burn fat, boost metabolism and reach those physical therapy goals and sports goals.
  • Coaching: exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, sleep
  • Cardio: we hope you’ll stay and use a cardio machine (treadmill, recumbent bike, spin bike or elliptical) after your visit, turning into a 60 minute workout!
  • Motivation:  strong emphasis on thought work to reach your goals.