When my son was born, I had a grade 4 laceration.  The recovery process was so slow and my pain was actually getting worse.  I was so upset because I’m a runner and a fitness instructor and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get back to doing the things that I loved.  When I met Dr. Lauren Crigler, she was so encouraging and shared her personal experience with having babies and running with me.  Something clicked and I told myself, “if she can do it, I can do it!”  Three months later, I am run/walking and teaching yoga!  Now, she is always in my head when I’m teaching and I encourage my students to use some of the principles that she taught me.  I can’t say thank you enough!!!

Jen H.

When I broke my pelvis, my doctor (and personal friend) told me that I should go to physical therapy.  He recommended Dr. Crigler.  When I found out that she was not in network with my insurance, I asked him if he could recommend someone else.  He laughed and said “you need to go to HER, trust me”  I wasn’t sure what he meant but decided to give it a shot.  Wow!  I’m so grateful that I did.  It turns out that my doctor knew that I needed more than just my pelvic bones fixed.  We worked on the pelvis while simultaneously working on improving my health in a way that only a one-on-one dedicated doctor could do.  She encouraged me to get back to exercise and eat better and make a few key lifestyle changes. After 4 months, she had me jogging with no pain and total stability! I never thought I’d do that again.  I’m forever grateful for finding her!

Marie S.

When I started seeing Dr. Crigler, I was having extreme pelvic pain and hadn’t had sex with my husband for over 9 months.  A sports injury had led to pain and muscle guarding.  Dr. Crigler was able to thoroughly explain what was causing my symptoms and worked with me to develop a plan to get better.  I have never felt so loved and included in my health care.  Though she could be my daughter, I have so much respect for her and look up to her.  She sets a great example of how to care for oneself and encourages all her clients to do the same.  Let’s just say that after 3 months, my husband was very pleased!

Corinne H.

I can’t say enough good things. She is supportive, encouraging, and incredibly knowledgeable. The attention and thought she puts into every session shows. I made incredible progress with her in just a few short months without feeling frustrated or overwhelmed.

Paula B.

While I have had some excellent physical therapists over the years, I rate Dr. Crigler at the very top.

Sue S.

I am so grateful to be working with Dr. Lauren Crigler. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with exercise and she has been able to meet me where I am right now with so much support. Health can have many layers for some of us, and I am so glad that I have someone with the knowledge and heart to support me along the way.

Catalina L.

Dr. Crigler is AMAZING! When I started with her, I had daily back pain and pelvic pain and also pain, tingling, and numbness down my right leg. In the past, I’ve taken prescription medication and have had steroid injections in my back. Nothing helped. One month after working with Dr. Lauren, I no longer had back pain, my leg symptoms were much better and I no longer take muscle relaxers or pain medications – not even an aspirin. I’ve improved my diet (though I still cheat quite a bit, sorry!), lost weight and I have a lot more energy. I went from napping most days to never needing a nap! I’m running, cross training, and doing my physical therapy exercises as prescribed. I haven’t felt this good in over 10 years! I only wish I’d met Dr. Lauren sooner.

Laurie B.