When I broke my pelvis, my doctor (and personal friend) told me that I should go to physical therapy.  He recommended Dr. Crigler.  When I found out that she was not in network with my insurance, I asked him if he could recommend someone else.  He laughed and said “you need to go to HER, trust me”  I wasn’t sure what he meant but decided to give it a shot.  Wow!  I’m so grateful that I did.  It turns out that my doctor knew that I needed more than just my pelvic bones fixed.  We worked on the pelvis while simultaneously working on improving my health in a way that only a one-on-one dedicated doctor could do.  She encouraged me to get back to exercise and eat better and make a few key lifestyle changes. After 4 months, she had me jogging with no pain and total stability! I never thought I’d do that again.  I’m forever grateful for finding her!

Marie S.